Website management for a modern web.

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Pagesimple is a fully-featured website management system built for the needs of a modern web. Create a new site, choose a template, edit the layout, add content, and deploy all within a few minutes. We built Pagesimple for ourselves so you know it's awesome.


No frameworks or templating languages

HTML and CSS are the templating language - so you can use any website as a theme - even your old Tripod blog.

Drag-and-drop everything

Quickly edit your template using our drag-and-drop-what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor.

Developer focussed

Create and manage as many sites as you need. Edit and export them individually.

Structured content

Easily add meta data to your pages and customize your links and URL structure.

Built-in distribution

The output is a semantic, static website. Publish and deploy your site to your own domain with the push of a button, or download a zip file.